64 Fluorescence Emission Detection Channels (providing measurement of the full visible spectrum for each fluorochrome)

  • Ultra-violet detector module: 16 channels
  • Violet detector module: 16 channels
  • Blue detector module: 14 channels
  • Yellow-Green detector module: 10 channels
  • Red detector module: 8 channels

Automatic Micro-Sampling System (AMS)

  • Sample cells from a U-bottom, V-bottom, or flat bottom standard-height 96-well plate

Pulse Processing

  • Pulse area and height measurement available for all channels
  • Pulse width of forward and side scatter
  • Pulse width of one fluorescence parameter for each laser

Microparticle Detection

  • Violet side scatter detector for thresholding on microparticles

Volumetric Measurement

  • Direct volumetric measurement for cell counting